Second-time buyers prefer Exclusive Buyer Agents. They've learned it's a smarter way to buy homes.

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100% Representation

June 17, 2022

An Exclusive Buyer Agency refuses—in any all circumstances, and without exception—to list homes. Because of this, only an EBA can guarantee to represent you and only you as you purchase your new home. As you learn about The Home Buyers, Inc., you will see that it offers home buyers the best guarantee in the business.

In fact, that 100% focus on the home buyer can result in savings of thousands of dollars.

Legal and Ethical Obligation to the Home Buyer

Unlike most other Realtors®, exclusive buyer agents have a legal and ethical obligation to put your interests first.

As a result, only an exclusive buyer agent can guarantee that he or she is representing you—and only you—in your home purchase.

We can do this because we never take listings. Since we don’t sell homes, we completely avoid any potential for conflicts of interest, ethical lapses or legal gray areas. It’s also important to note that while some agencies may say they employ a buyer broker or buyer agent, they may not be a true exclusive buyer agent.

Only an agency that never lists homes for sale may call itself an exclusive buyer agency. Only an agency that does not stand to benefit at all if you buy a particular house can assure you that it represents your interests.

One hundred percent representation is just one of exclusive buyer agencies' many benefits for the home buyer, adding to the long list of reasons why using an exclusive buyer agent is better than house hunting on your own.

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You know why lots of second-time home buyers choose an Exclusive Buyers Agent over a traditional real estate agency? It's because they've already been through the process—and realize there's a better way to buy a house.

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