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Financing Your Home

April 26, 2021

For home buyers, finding mortgage financing and determining the cost of your mortgage can be as important as finding a new home.

How Much Mortgage?

Our mortgage calculator can help you tackle one of the first questions home buyers face: “How much mortgage?”

But there’s more to the question. A lender looks at objective factors like income, assets, and credit scores to tell you how much you can borrow. But you must answer more subjective questions to decide how much you want to borrow.

As a home buyer, you start with the size of the mortgage for which you qualify. But then there are other questions to ask yourself.

How important is your home to you and your family? How much are you willing to allow the financing of home ownership to affect your lifestyle? How will your house payments affect travel, repairs, saving, investing, and other demands on your money?

Which Lender?

When it comes to finding the right loan officer, it’s important to ask the right questions. These questions fall into four general categories:

As an exclusive buyer agent (EBA), The Home Buyers, Inc. is in a unique position to help you with the important task of finding a lender. We can outline the process and prompt you to ask the right questions. The goal is to wind up with the best interest rate and the lowest total fees. And that can save thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

Or, if you already have established trust and rapport with a loan officer, The Home Buyers, Inc. is able to welcome him or her onto the team.

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You know why lots of second-time home buyers choose an Exclusive Buyers Agent over a traditional real estate agency? It's because they've already been through the process—and realize there's a better way to buy a house.

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