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Second-time buyers prefer Exclusive Buyer Agents. They've learned it's a smarter way to buy homes.

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Why we’re different

We’re Exclusive Buyer Agents, which means we only represent buyers and never list homes.

Working with both sellers and buyers is the status quo in real estate—but this practice, called Dual Agency—comes with conflicts of interest. With their fiduciary responsibility to the seller, Dual Agents can’t fully and exclusively represent your interests as a buyer.

Our personable, experienced agents know the ins and outs of the Twin Cities housing market, and aren’t afraid to tell you the honest truth about a property.

Don’t be left wondering

your agent is listing homes that you may be interested in buying
the legal obligations of your agent favor the seller
your agent is biased in which houses they're showing you
your agent is giving you the best advice about your offer
your agent has a home’s long-term value potential in mind
Choose The Home Buyers instead.

Our Process (And What To Expect)

Arrange a chat with one of our agents.

Arrange a chat with one of our agents. We want to hear what you’re looking for and how we can help you get there.

Come and meet us.

As a company, we lay out all the small print up front. Know what you’re getting and discuss your terms.

Let’s look at some properties.

Our agents will arrange and attend showings as you search for the right property. We’ll let you know then and there what our research tells us about the listing.

Ready to put in an offer?

We’ll manage the ins and outs of the process and lobby for YOUR interests the entire way.

Ready to find the right house?
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You know why lots of second-time home buyers choose an Exclusive Buyers Agent over a traditional real estate agency? It’s because they’ve already been through the process—and realize there’s a better way to buy a house.