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Advantage EBA: More Benefits

April 26, 2021

When you engage an exclusive buyer agency such as The Home Buyers, Inc., you can be certain that it is protecting your privacy and negotiating for you.

As your advocate, we will ensure that you get accurate information, a qualified home inspection, and the most economical financing. To get all benefits an exclusive buyer agent can offer, contact The Home Buyers now.

Protecting the Home Buyer’s Privacy

When your agent has absolutely no ties to the seller, you can rely on the privacy of information about you that, if leaked, could benefit the seller.

The seller has no way to know what kind of price the home buyer might be willing to pay. Because an EBA only represents buyers and does not have in-house or company listings, a seller is always unaware of the price buyers are willing to spend during the negotiation process.

Keeping the home buyer’s “walk-away” number private gives the home buyer a distinct advantage. And, that advantage alone can save the home buyer thousands of dollars during the critical negotiation process.

Negotiating for the Home Buyer

Only an exclusive buyer agent is in the position to guarantee that he or she is negotiating on your behalf. An exclusive buyer agent's job is not to move inventory or a particular house, but to find you the house that’s exactly right for you. An exclusive buyer agent is dedicated to getting the home buyer the lowest price on the best terms.

The high level of negotiation training and expertise of an exclusive buyer agent levels the playing field when it is time to make an offer on a property.

Accurate Information

That means that you can expect accurate information about a house’s value, its obvious physical defects, and the conditions of the market and neighborhood.

Qualified Home Inspection

You also can expect an EBA to insist that the buyer use a qualified home inspector. An EBA will help make sure that your inspector knows he or she is working for you and not the seller.

Advocating for the Home Buyer

Because an EBA has no links to the seller, he or she is in the position to provide the truth.

Most Economical Financing

An exclusive buyer agent will help you sort through the many financing alternatives. In addition to talking you through the different types of financing, an exclusive buyer agent can refer you to a list of lenders that have proven themselves to put the interests of the home buyer first.

Depending on your situation, we may advise you to be pre-approved by a lender. Once pre-approved, you have an edge in the negotiation. When you come into the negotiation already approved for a loan, you are in the same position as a cash buyer. That can give you an edge that may shave thousands off a home’s selling price.

These benefits grow from an exclusive buyer agent’s ability to commit one hundred percent representation to the home buyer. All the benefits make working with an exclusive buyer agent so much better than house hunting on your own.

All of this is invaluable to all home buyers. And, it assures first class service for luxury home buyers.

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You know why lots of second-time home buyers choose an Exclusive Buyers Agent over a traditional real estate agency? It's because they've already been through the process—and realize there's a better way to buy a house.

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