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Be Wary of Business Affiliations

April 25, 2021

Your agent may have some good referrals when you’re seeking a title, mortgage, home inspection or home warranty company. Too-close affiliations, however, don’t have to be under-the-table to work against you.

Be Wary of Business Affiliations

It may seem convenient and simple to let the your real estate agent point you toward a mortgage lender, inspector, title company, or home warranty provider. Just don’t let him or her choose. And, when a REALTOR® does point you in a certain direction, pay attention to where you’re going.

Vet, Vet, Vet

When providers of real estate-related services are too-closely affiliated, their allegiance may be to the referring REALTOR® rather than to you. Thoughts of ongoing referrals may be distracting them from working in your interest.

Inform Your Decisions

None of this means you shouldn’t rely on your real agent’s knowledge and experience. Just make sure that you’re the one making the final decision. And, before you make that decision, make sure the providers are reputable and that their fees are competitive.

Making informed decisions is fairly easy, requiring little more than a few minutes of research.

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