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Take Legal Advice from Lawyers

April 25, 2021

Never forget that the agreements, contracts and any other documents you get from your REALTOR® are legal documents. Yes, your agent may offer many sensible tips, but if you need legal advice, seek it from an attorney.


You’ll especially want to consult an attorney about whether or not you want to commit to settling unforeseen disputes with arbitration. Although many REALTORS® suggest it, arbitration usually costs more than small claims court. Let your attorney decide if it’s a good idea for you.

Listing Contracts

Make sure you review—and understand!—each clause in every form your REALTOR® gives you. Just because it’s on the form your agent hands you doesn’t mean you have to accept it “as-is.” It’s pre-printed, not set in stone! If you have questions, your agent may offer only brief, hard-to-understand explanations. If you’re not satisfied with the answer, or especially if you need advice about what makes sense, consult an attorney.

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