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The Search - Existing or New?

April 25, 2021

One of the first questions for home buyers to consider when searching for a new home is whether they want to purchase an existing home, or to build a new home.

Either way you go, The Home Buyers, Inc. can help. Besides all our services when you’re searching for an existing home, we offer a valuable and complete range of new construction services.

Sweat Equity versus Turn-key Convenience

When you’re wondering whether new construction or a new home is right for you, it might help to consider the following:

Advantages to Buying an Existing Home

Among the advantages to buying an existing home, remember that they usually:

  • cost less per square foot.
  • are located in established neighborhoods. As a result, they may offer a greater sense of community than new construction.
  • give you the opportunity to add value by making improvements or modifications.
  • don’t require window coverings, landscaping and other “incidentals” that can wind up costing $10,000 or more.

Advantages to New Construction

Among the advantages to new construction, newly built homes:

  • usually feature the convenience of built-in, warranty-protected appliances, larger closets and low-maintenance siding.
  • are typically more energy-efficient.
  • feature low home taxes for the first—and sometimes the second—year of ownership.
  • let you customize floor plans, adjusting room size and other details.

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